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Board of Directors

Danny, is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer, and in charge of Global Sales and Marketing at DaXxX GrouP.

我在英國 Aston University Aston Business School 讀書, Aston Business School 係英國數一數二的商科名校, 在一間咁好的大學讀 Business, 令我好想做生意!"


Distinctive Competence

DaXxX GrouP consistent creative, quality and fast operation.

"因為峰峰集團由 Danny 統領, 所以必定創意無限, 而 Danny 相信貨物的品質及快速的服務也是很重要的! "


DaXxX GrouP wants to make at least £6m(HK$78m) profits in 2009, join HK Stock Exchange Market in 2016.



DaXxX GrouP will start our first Business within 2 years.

"Danny 在大約兩年後就畢業,而峰峰集團會在 Danny 畢業後立即成立第一項業務"

Strategy Management Process

SWOT Analysis
Strength          - Creative
Weakness       - Financial and New to market
Opportunities - Population in HK and China, Tech.
Threats             - Build up a good image


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